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Tl:DR: I'm not a crying child, I have legitimately been served a false ban , I have sent a support ticket and also its worth noting I play league from several different PC's, (mine, my brothers, my friends and an internet cafe, and I am rarely on the same station at said internet cafe, the cafe has league unlocked which is pretty cool), laptops (my teammates) and locations, (university flat, family home, hotels and friends houses) sometimes requiring a VPN (mainly hotels,occasionally uni or friends houses to bypass certain bandwith limitations). Following this, the coach for the team I am on used to be on the coaching team for Fnatic in season 5 and has helped me to no end with my play. (TheRealPhailhaus is his summoner name but I am not willing to disclose his real name as I dont know if he would want that). I have seen a few posts the past few days about people being (rightfully) banned for elo boosting, however I have been banned myself it seems. Here is my as you can see, since my return to league in around July/August, I started as an ADC main but found the meta to be frustrating to say the least, I'd been an ADC main since season 3 so playing vs swains and yasuos and xeraths bot was not for me, so I made the transition to top, but not until I had climbed from silver 5 to gold 5 in flex. Prior to her rework I achieved level 7 on Irelia, so I thought I would give her a try, but didnt click with her mechanically intensive playstyle straight away as I was still re adjusting to the game, so i played some fiora briefly but ultimately went back to Irelia and practiced her, and I became pretty good. I believe I was silver 3 or 2 in solo/duo so I had a climb ahead to achieve gold again, I played a mix of ADC and top, and added both Tryndamere and Jax to my champ pool, I had a fair bit of experience on Jax from previous seasons and as for trynd I was pretty good at him from the get go, although its not very hard, especially at my elo where split pushing is rarely countered well, leading to a very nice 75% win rate after 20 or so games. Once I hit gold 5 in solo/duo i stopped playing for around a month. I returned because I started university and joined a league of legends team, so naturally I began playing again, I got to gold 4 pretty quickly upon my return and almost hit gold 3 before I had the worst 2 weeks of my ranked career. It was a mix of tilt and teams refusing to win that led to me receiving a warning saying if I kept losing I would lose gold. I was so tilted I ended up playing random things I had no experience on, grasping at anything I could to try and climb, I figured karthus might be good because if I get fed I can ult and one shot their whole team, but after playing a karthus game where I became extremely fed and still losing, I figured it probably wasnt my best strategy. I tried some jungle too but I suck at that, just got lucky with teams for my brief few games in the woods. Following this, I went back to what had been my bread and butter thus far, Irelia, Trynd and Jax. 6 days ago, I sat in my local gaming cafe and I was there with a friend and we duo queued and we just kept winning. First game I got autofilled support so played the only champ I know in that role which was pyke and had a decent game, a few nice tp ganks and just misplays from the enemy bot got me a good score. This started a 5 win streak on my main champs. Then I was unfortunately matched against a smurf and got destroyed, it was very humbling after having such a stomp of a day. Undeterred, I played one more for the night and got a win. The next day I played one in the morning before having to go about my day and returned at night, I played a yasuo game since he was open and my usuals were picked/banned, this did not end well and was a very bad idea, so i decided to stick with what I know for the rest of the night. Irelia was picked/banned for a lot of games that night so I ended up playing a lot of jax and one game of irelia before going to bed after a 6 win streak, feeling pretty good considering how badly the previous weeks had gone it was nice to play against some players that were lets just say not as good as I would expect, fighting me in my creep wave, diving me at early levels just setting me snowballing out of control. Thursdays are a free day for me on my course so I played a few games after I woke up before I had to go play in a tournament with my league team in the evening, but once that finished I was back onto solo q. Friday night the elo gods blessed me with teams that didnt int a single time so i really didnt have to work too hard for the next win streak, and I went to bed 1 win away from gold 2. I woke up, played my last promo game and then decided I was happy with where I was for the season, I didnt want to try for plat because I have a ton of uni work to do, so I just decided to chill for the last couple of days of the season and play flex with friends or ARAMs, and it was after my last flex game that I was served the ban. I appreciate this is long, and I can understand why I've been picked on based on the horrific MMR tank followed by a crazy bounce back. but I am feeling a whole lot of emotions right now, I have been a player since season 3 so losing all my past season rewards over a false ban is really hard to swallow, I often wear my season 3 bronze summoner icon badge with pride, being able to show I've been here for so long is a privilege.
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