Trollers in ranked

Riot for real its time to change the rankeds and the punishments. Like the last 10 loses i have on ranked solo/duo, they arent even games... all the time i have someone who dies 1/2 times and immediately they troll, either refuse to play, go afk, int.... And what happens to this type of players? nothing. I know its hard to see all the reports and stuff, but for god sake, im tired. i cant play ranked anymore, its so frustrating. i know im not a pro player but i want to play a game where i actually play a 5vs5. i dont care if i lose and the game is good with actually 10 players. I just cant play anymore ranked, for real game is ruined for me, even my wins mostly are because the crying baby is on their team. PLZ FIX THE REPORT/RANKED SYSTEM.
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