I would really, really like a game where people dont't leave when they're behind, or start intentional feeding. The past months the really fun games like i used to have in previous seasons just didn't happen. Flaming, feeding, leaving/afking, trolls,... The only times when i have fun games, if i win them or not, is between 1 and 5 AM; Are the kids in bed, are people just mellow at night? I don't know. I'm posting this, not to rage, but for these two reasons: 1. Is it that hard to, even **when your losing your lane** or the jungler doesn't gank enough, or you're simply in a bad mood(we've all been there), **not start feeding or flaming. Everyone likes winning games but it's a online game so there will always be a losing team. Just keep trying to win that lane even if it seems impossible at the moment. If another teammate dies on your lane or they do some weird wtf yolo gank, don't start flaming. I found out that people tend to help you less when you rage.** And don't leave if something doesn't go your way, you win as a team and lose as a team, leaving doesn't only risk you from being banned but also ruins the game for your team. 2. To end on a positive note, **_I'd like to thank every single_** non-raging-afking(you get the point) **_player on the euw server for the fun games_**. there were some really relaxing times and epic plays :) Peace out
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