Game 1 karstopunane: ez win now karstopunane: i got 1 gold karstopunane: idc karstopunane: its normal karstopunane: :( karstopunane: *starts karstopunane: it dosent give you reason to flame either karstopunane: blue-mid karstopunane: ye karstopunane: gj karstopunane: top + mid karstopunane: bot dont push karstopunane: lee bopt side karstopunane: prolly stole my blue karstopunane: annie u can take my blues karstopunane: gj karstopunane: u killed me karstopunane: cant even dodge a lee Q karstopunane: what a cheapling karstopunane: wow karstopunane: cant press right karstopunane: at max lee Q-s range karstopunane: push them under turr karstopunane: i can ult turrets karstopunane: kill me karstopunane: idc karstopunane: this bot is braindead karstopunane: i tell them to push under turr karstopunane: they JUST %%%%ING STAND karstopunane: HOLY karstopunane: idc karstopunane: if u lose game karstopunane: you blame me karstopunane: i tell you to push karstopunane: you jsut stand karstopunane: we could get turret karstopunane: for free karstopunane: and even a kill karstopunane: big deal karstopunane: yet im more useful karstopunane: he takes all kills karstopunane: yeah karstopunane: but i got drake karstopunane: alone karstopunane: and im going tank karstopunane: so ez teamfight karstopunane: see? karstopunane: its so easy karstopunane: was free teamfight karstopunane: yet what was missing? karstopunane: a followup karstopunane: kk karstopunane: int time karstopunane: i dont even care anymore karstopunane: just getting flame in normal game karstopunane: by silver karstopunane: FeelsNice karstopunane: dosent change the fact ur silver karstopunane: yeah karstopunane: u cant glimb karstopunane: and flame in normals karstopunane: idc karstopunane: you nkow why? karstopunane: cause ur silver karstopunane: and you flame me karstopunane: Flaming is worst possible thing you could do karstopunane: instead of being shut karstopunane: you flame me karstopunane: and thats why i care even less karstopunane: i wanna lose the game karstopunane: no karstopunane: u dont use chat karstopunane: yall blame only me karstopunane: nopt noticin xayah karstopunane: 2/7 karstopunane: "oh im feeding" karstopunane: the fact is that better teamwork and better players wins karstopunane: we are just shit karstopunane: im just gonna mute you from now on and report you karstopunane: nah karstopunane: only zed karstopunane: since he is only one flaming karstopunane: baron karstopunane: come baron karstopunane: see zed? tank awlays wins karstopunane: lee who takes kills karstopunane: is zed talking x? karstopunane: b karstopunane: and buy items karstopunane: see zed? karstopunane: all we needed was to calm down karstopunane: gg Game 2 karstopunane: 0&5 karstopunane: GG SEPP karstopunane: how can you flame someone that bad and not laugh karstopunane: ur 4/5 as support karstopunane: yous tole all adc.s kills karstopunane: ur 4/5 karstopunane: and ur adc ius 0/6 karstopunane: its all your fault karstopunane: nice karstopunane: its my fault karstopunane: that vayne died 6x karstopunane: thresh blames you aswell karstopunane: what did i do? karstopunane: tell me? karstopunane: ur flamign me and saying report me? karstopunane: oh really? karstopunane: no wonder karstopunane: 0/7 isnt feeding at all karstopunane: either 4/7 support karstopunane: thanks m8õ karstopunane: im just saying that u cant win ur own lane karstopunane: and then blame the game on jungler karstopunane: GG SEPP Thats just Nice, i actually wonder, did i got banned cause i saied once "brain dead bot"? or cause i got flamed at and then tilted on the ones who flamed me AND THEN my Report dosent count wich is REally NICE. Thank you very much Riot games... Just kill me , so much better
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