Wondering why there are so many Turks in Euw west now.

To start this thread off I'm not racist or against anyone. I am just wondering why are there so many turks all of a sudden on the EUW servers? I mean did something happen over there? Because the teams I experienced refuse to talk english refuse communicate and when they do pay attention to anyone around them they flame or insult them. Personally I'm getting sick of this. Another thing that I have a issue with is the need to implement religion into the game. They either call someone jew or zionist or they praise Allah. This does not belong into a game. I would suggest Riot implement a report option for refusing to speak english or communicate I know that in the past there was such a option. Not sure if it did anything but at least you could report someone for no communication. You would wonder if there are any other players from different regions acting this way? To put it shortly, no there used to be but most of them adapted. Even the french and germans speak english often. So if you're a turkish player and want to join the EUW community please just adapt and speak english plus communicate. Thank you.

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