A Diamond support player's thoughts on Bronze mentality / 10 things I noticed playing in Bronze

So a buddy of mine stopped playing and he gave his account to me. This way i had the oppurtunity to explore the depths ob Bronze queue starting at bronze 5. I main support so i always got my main position there...Sadly i didnt have my main vel'koz on this account so i had to come up with something new. I started learning ziggs support which i never played before. I played about 25 games there and won 20 of them. Another 5 games i played with lux with 3 wins and 2 losses. So heres a few things i noticed playing there: **1. Bronze People flame you in the lobby for picking unconventional stuff.** Don't get me wrong. I think team compositions are important in league. But why is it important in bronze? Learn to play your main champions first...There's nothing wrong with picking unconventional stuff. People are waaaaaaaaaaay to focused on what other people pick and how they play. **2. Bronze people love to go afk or intfeed when tilted** A guy started intfeeding because he was sure i was trolling. Another guy went afk because he lost his lane 0/4 **3. Bronze people never admit they are in this elo for a reason** Example: if the midlaner looses his lane he flames the jungler for not helping him. It can't be his fault...it just can't. Also ADCs don't know how to farm under turret... **4. Bronze people are initially tilted by being in bronze elo** About every game i played my team started with a negative attitude. They don't expect u to do good. And if u die once the propability of getting flamed is really high. **5. In Bronze criticism equals flame** "cmon man pls stop doing this" is considered flame... **6. ADCs don't want to use heal to save their supports from dying** This is actually the thing that pissed me off the most about this elo...and most of the guys i played with admitted they were saving it purposely **7. "trolling" is a term for what Bronze people dont understand ** so as an offensive long range support i like to get my 8g on mid turret at the start of the game. I can't remember a single game where i didnt get pingspammed or people asked dumb questions. (If you dont understand what im talking about look up Tribute {{item:3303}} ) **8. If Bronze people get outplayed and you have less than 200 hp remaining its called "luck"** **9. Bronze people think that splitpushing is always better than grouping** why 5v5 on midlane when u can 1v1 on bot/top...oh wait its a 1v3 **10. Bronze people value justice more than the outcome of the game** you ever heard this before: "you don't deserve to win"...well in bronze u hear that an awful lot more. Bronze people think they have to be the judge that sends the bad guys into prison. They simply dont give a shiet about mute buttons. If someone flames u just flame back, get chatkilled a lot, loose a lot of farm while chatting but atleast u talked back. I like to call this the honey badger behaviour even though its not awesome or badass at all.
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