I got Chat-restricted for this????

Game 1 Pre-Game TheExiledCat: can someone pick me yasuo TheExiledCat: i dont have braum tho TheExiledCat: noppe TheExiledCat: my only sups are In-Game TheExiledCat: dou just wanna be a hero for fun aatrox? TheExiledCat: that hitbox suiscks TheExiledCat: they need to fix aatrox W htibox TheExiledCat: waht TheExiledCat: my auto did dmg but didnt proc grasp TheExiledCat: rito pls TheExiledCat: look at that hitbox TheExiledCat: wtf TheExiledCat: this game is absolutely broken wtf rio TheExiledCat: i just auto walked into you without clickiung anything and it cost me 70% of my hp *up until here was just me being tilted about the new aatrox TheExiledCat: noc stfu im not ff in a demotion match *my premade noc was already saying ff at 11 minutes so i tell him to stfu (if i said this through voice chat nothing would have happened so seems unfair)* TheExiledCat: that hibox TheExiledCat: even when u run out of it it pulls you TheExiledCat: this game is bs TheExiledCat: i mashed flash and it didnt react TheExiledCat: i %%%%ing will TheExiledCat: i have 17 ms TheExiledCat: this is tilting af TheExiledCat: im super unlucky *more tilt about my crappy fps(still not flaming anyone yet)* TheExiledCat: what TheExiledCat: no TheExiledCat: japan / netherlands TheExiledCat: im gonna play the splitpush role TheExiledCat: hits me through minions ofc aatrox W isnt bs enuf TheExiledCat: fkc this TheExiledCat: these hitboxes make 0 sense whatsoever *adc says i talk to much and then FF's* TheExiledCat: then mute me TheExiledCat: idgaf TheExiledCat: no im not getting demoted TheExiledCat: im tryharding this match TheExiledCat: how badly can u want a 2/5 sion dead *i won my team a tf and i felt like we could win again* TheExiledCat: fkin ez TheExiledCat: "lets ff" *saying what our adc said to me* TheExiledCat: we got this TheExiledCat: in the pocket TheExiledCat: lets win i believe in u guys * me and my team got nice to eachother again but then ekko started walking under tower just cuz he wanted the enemy to end the game even tho we were winning again (which is trolling or am i wrong?) TheExiledCat: it went the wrong way TheExiledCat: ekko why TheExiledCat: ekko sotp int TheExiledCat: bg report ekko troll
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