Inappropriate Chat Ban. Is there a way to appeal?

Heya Summoners! Very Very confused right now, just received my first ever chat ban in probably 5 years worth of play. Yes Yes! I'm hard stuck in Gold. But I have fun playing the game. That's the main thing right? Here are the chat logs which where sent to me: For context, it was one of those games where every lane was loosing. Top had started running down mid over and over, and players just ran around the map fighting. I was trying to express that we where down in gold and xp and we should be farming. Game 1 In-Game Economi: o.0 Economi: All i gotta do, is not feed Fizz Economi: and i win lane i think Economi: bot listen to my pings please, hes roaming Economi: wake up! Economi: adc i pinged you to back 5 times Economi: No r fizz Economi: top back Economi: fixx coming Economi: Listen Economi: They are up like 10,000 gold Economi: we cant take even fights Economi: 11,000 Economi: 11,300 gold lead now Economi: at what point will you stop trying to fight??? Economi: Jungler, kill trading is not helping here Economi: your getting akill, but so are they Economi: No more fighting Economi: we cant Economi: farm Economi: back Economi: back Economi: Dude Economi: You always off Economi: With no vision. And the die and question mark ping the rest of the team. Even tho your in their jungle Economi: Ofc Economi: gg report top please for inting and running down mid. Game 2 In-Game Economi: top didnt move when i gank. Just sitting under tower. Economi: Ok now bot doesnt move. Am i invisible? Economi: ill just farm i guess. Economi: top didnt move again... dude?? Economi: You need to react when i gank and ping. If you want to climb Economi: great now top afk Economi: GG report top for afk please. Been afk since 18 mins. I know looking at it like this, it doesn't exactly look great. But mixed in what what other people are saying i was trying to help. I was, for the most part, encouraging players to win. Asking them to help when I gank, telling them not to fight a team with a gold lead. I take it the system just dishes out a chat ban if you get too many reports. But I think that no one actually checks the text. I have never singled anyone out. or said anything to any particular player. A friend told me that I shouldn't ask players to report in all chat. But all I am doing is making sure that AFK / Inting players get reported. Often people on the other team don't realise that someone is afk. What do you think? Worthy of a chat ban?

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