Possibly returning player - a question about the atmosphere

So, hello to everyone, I was an active player like 1,5 - 2 years ago (stopped playing about the time Rift Herald/mini baron came out). Reason for my quitting was the incredibly toxic atmosphere of the game, if I played non-meta champion - I got spat on, if I had a bad game or my lane opponent was much better - I got spat on. If I tried to advice someone - I got spat on. Only "enjoyable" matches where the ones where my team facerolled the other leading to 20 min surrender and hence there wasn't time for someone to flame someone, even though these games served close to zero enjoyment from competitive aspect, atleast the never ending flame wasn't present there. Then came the automated chat-ban-bot and the verbal flame turned down and the actual trolling came - when someone couldn't speak their frustration, they did everything to ruin the game otherways. I used to actively write in the boards aswell - only to see the Player Behaviour board to explode with super toxic chatlogs and their owners demanding "justice". This game was going straight to Hell, or atleast that is what it felt like at the time. I have popped in at the boards here and there, just to check if the community has healed or matured, only to see the same stuff everywhere. Ofc the whiny posts doesn't represent the average of the community, atleast I hope it doesn't, so I decided to directly ask you guys, How is the game an community today? Should I give it another chance? EDIT: Okay, it seems I'm gonna give League a few more years :S
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