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Why League of Legends is so Toxic, the real reason.
Why is League of Legends so toxic? I have an idea... I moved to LA with all my things after my military service to hopefully make gaming content that people care about. If you like my videos a sub is all I ask.
Hello everyone, I wanted to talk to you about toxicity, since i think i understeand it since i was toxic and yesterday i got unbanned. I would like to keep this post clean if possible. So i'll go in story mode for a bit to explain you my last experience: - The 21/10/2018 i got banned for verbal abuse (a 2 week suspension). But, since i enjoy playing this game, i made a new account and started smurfing. Now you may be asking your self: who gives a s**t, what does this have with toxicity; but we will get there soon. Whilst i was leveling my "new born" profile i've played against a lot and with other players that smurfed. I became friends with a lot of them, and played a lot of games with them, talked with them through voice chat, got to know them and so on. A lot of those who smurfed did it cause they got banned, and they ended up in that situation cause they flamed, but it wasn't them who "started up" the toxicity in the game, they had in their teams trolls, flamers or people who intentionally fed (which if you are curious it was my case too). Now you'll be asking your self: if they are toxic and insult you, why don't you just mute them?, the answers are simple, many (like me, which is one of the reasons i flamed....) love to see what they will say, and others like you may think mute them; but many times it doesn't stop there, they int, take your farm to set you even more behind, go afk or troll. Coming back to the "present", why are this people toxic?: Neace made a fantastic video explaining that, and i just had to link it. Now im not judging Riot for their bans (actually i am but this are details) cause actually i said a lot of bad stuff so to say. But in my opinion and from my experience, and from the stories of the players i met, Riot ban system gets most of the players that are toxic once in a while cause other toxic players, you may think this is an excuse but sadly it isn't. In the 14 days i played on the new account i met only 4 people that were really toxic and around 20 times more people who play for fun, but got banned for a single game or two, after reporting the toxic guys i got only 1 instant feedback thingy, and you may say that it doesn't show always; if that still a thing. But 2 of the remaining 3 i met them again, and they inted and flamed to ruin my game, and it's sad, that i had to waste 30 minutes of my time for games so to call it, with a guy that doesn't play for fun or to learn, but to win, and if it doesn't happen or if it doesn't happen like he planned it: he flames, tilts, feeds, goes afk or trolls. You may say that it's like that only for normal games, but ranked its like 10 times worse in silver/bronze. I just hope that in higher elo, players aren't having this kind of people, cause that would ruin the fun and the competition in the game. I'd appreciate your thoughts, your opinions and your personal experience, since i'm trying to further understand toxicity, since this is one of the best games around with one of the biggest communities, but it has a lot of "rotten apples"; and as the proverb says: A rotten apple ruins the bunch
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