Being Judged for 2 games

As the title says , from nearly a year ago i got banned for Spreading Negative Experience as rito says , they judged me for having a nerovus break down in my last 2 matches on the account which lead to my ban i still do no think i deserve this , i admit i was little aggresive but seriously a premabanned account ? i spent alot of time and effort on this and all gone , i never stopped tracking down this game news even tho i havenot been playing for like a year now ,i watch vidoes of tourments , patches , new champions and stuff i really want to be back to the summoner`s rift but iam not willing to start all over again , i have enjoyed this game for years and made new friends and got better in the game day by day trying to get the next divsion from bronze to silver to plat and nearly diamond but never really achieved my goal i know alot of people will probably downvote this because i saw hundreds of threads like this spammed by players that are begging for unban but i really don`t if rito doesnot want someone like me its fine by me i have tried my best to stop talking but i just cannot when i face people like that maplhite from Dunkey`s video whom kept killing himself and feeding the enemy team or an afk adc that trolls me because i didnot pick the support he wanted and a 3 man premades who kept abusing me because i failed to win my lane , this game used to be an enjoyable Comppattive game where all people respected each other and played fairly but it changed and so do i , iam sorry if i caused any harm to anyone or abused anyone , i respect the descsion of rito , i will always miss this game , this is my chat logs btw [1:00] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): heca troll [1:15] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): WTF are u doing ??? [1:19] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): why did u waste ur mana [1:31] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): i go farm [1:43] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): u will ruin my lane [2:20] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): i dont need you [2:42] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): morg why did u help him ? [7:12] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): STOP [7:12] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): FFAS [7:30] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): MORGAANA [7:32] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): SHIELD ME [7:33] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): WTF [8:19] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): MORGANA [8:21] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): OMG ? [9:14] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): morgana u went 2 v 1 and gave lucain free kill [9:18] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): u still talking ? [9:18] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): why [12:53] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): gj [13:30] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): feed viktor and its lost for sure [13:41] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): yasou talking [14:46] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): LUX [14:49] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): WHY DID U FEED VIKTOR [15:14] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): idk why u are talking [15:18] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): u just Q minoins [16:07] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): i dont care [22:05] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): morgana is the one flaming all match [22:07] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): XDDDDDDDDDDD [22:19] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): i dont care contuine pls give them more chat logs [22:40] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): thsi guy made me titled [22:48] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): y [23:19] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): HECA GO TANK [23:20] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): WTF ? [23:40] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): xD [24:16] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): LOOK [24:25] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): HECA AND MORG FLAMING ALL MATCH and look at them [25:32] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): WOW [35:08] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): wtf [35:28] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): see this flamer ? [35:34] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): igo farm iam done playing with this flamers [35:49] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): XDDDDD [36:41] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Twitch): gg Game 2: [11:30] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): wtf is this champ [11:34] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): omg [13:06] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): heca [13:39] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): i didnot give 4 kills to oriana [13:41] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): smart guy' [15:01] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): ur trolling already [15:57] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): 0 ganks mid [16:30] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD [16:33] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): IP USH ? [16:35] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD [16:44] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): doesnot matter [16:46] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): gg anyways [20:03] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): gg [20:21] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): y [21:21] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): i stoped carryiong when they all starting flaming [21:36] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): caring* [23:25] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): XD [23:59] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): did i even say that word ? [24:01] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): lmao [24:15] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): keep flaming [24:18] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Lux): idc Game 3: [5:52] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): free win anyways wp [5:59] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): adc afk = defeat [8:55] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): cannot have 1 normal game in this elo [12:25] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): SIVIR BACK [12:27] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): AFTER WE LOSE [12:51] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): SIVIR [12:52] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): DONT TALK [12:54] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): TILL END OF MATCH [12:56] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): ITS LOST [16:05] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): dies with no vision [16:07] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): blames team [17:10] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): afk adc is defeat as i said [17:14] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): no doubts [17:27] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): ITS NOT OUR FAULT [17:37] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): THIS MATCH WAS DAMN EASY [18:03] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): SIVIR GO FARM [18:04] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): WTF [21:12] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): BRAND [21:14] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): WTF [21:35] [All] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): its just sad to lose like this cuz of afkers [23:51] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): just try [23:52] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): pls [24:15] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): BRANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD [24:31] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): iam done [24:32] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): surr pls [24:37] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): LOOK [24:40] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): DEFND THE DAMN BASE [24:41] ZUltimateWarrior (Blitzcrank): TROLLERS Thanks for listening and bye everyone {{champion:32}}

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