Player behavior in general.

So, I've had a long pause from the game since Veigar got reworked, and decided to check back what the game is like these days. Veigar seems to have climbed his way back to viability, Poppy rework seems fun and Kindred seems like interesting champion to play. But then, the playerbase drove me away. Basically, it seems like no matter how the game itself goes, I will get insulted for whatever it is I'm doing. Be it for ganking too little or too much, taking all the kills or letting people die while trying to feed them kills, dominating your lane or losing your lane... It doesn't seem to make difference. In majority of my games, someone will insult me and/or ask for reports. How do people behave like this and have any self worth? Not only does this often lose games for the people acting up, but they should know, that being a jerk on the internet is exactly the same thing as being a jerk in real life. If you are consistently terrible to people for no real reason, you are a not a good person, it's as simple as that. And from what I have seen, there are sadly a lot of horrible people playing this game. Weirdly enough, it seems even worse than it was some years ago.
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