The "/Remake System" and the instant "Leaver Buster" punishment

I have been playing league for almost 3 years from now and I must say, I couldn't be happier with the stablishment of the new **Remake** system. Even tho I never played rankeds so "seriously", as I do now, I acknowledge a person being afk early game can be a major problem in higher elo's. What I don't really agree with, is it's punishing system. Let's say your game get's stuck in the loading screen (something that I'm pretty sure that happened at least once, even to owners of high quality gaming pc's), what will probably happen is that you won't be able to reconnect in time, because nor you had time to realise what's happening and reconnect nor your teammates are able to acknowledge that you are reconnecting. This resulting on a player getting a minor **LP loss** (wich I agree with) and an activation of the **Leaver Buster**, unfairly. Fortunatly I got this problem while I was on vacation, but I can see this being excruciatingly boring, if you happen to be an university student or you have other type of full-time commitment, wich every match is to long for you to waste extra minutes on them (this minutes depending on how often stuff like this might happen). I'm open for suggestions but in my opinion the solution for this issue is very simple: **Riot** just needs to create somekind of tolerance of two "non-connections" per month (still keeppng the LP loss, considering this is still some kind of queue dodging after all) instead of an instant **Leaver Buster** activation system. PS: Please consider I'm portuguese and I'm still learning how to master the english language. Besides that in case this was posted on the wrong board, feel free to move the topic.
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