The more you flame the better your team will get ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Frozen379 joined the room. theGRkillerkorde joined the room. dezelator joined the room. devor556 joined the room. bartolek123987 joined the room. Gpilius joined the room. RedDragon18 joined the room. You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions. bartolek123987 left the room. theGRkillerkorde left the room. Sicyion left the room. Frozen379: I noticed that when I am playing braum my team morale rises by a lot and I earn all those delicious LP and can report flamers Frozen379: Kappa RedDragon18 left the room. foticha left the room. Frozen379: yesterday I had 0 LP Frozen379: now I have 60 xd dezelator left the room. devor556 XPRNC: and i today lose 2 games.. devor556 XPRNC: 0 win Frozen379: Flame more Frozen379: Legend says harder you flame Frozen379: the more you win Frozen379: xd devor556 XPRNC: last game my adc have 40farm at 25min devor556 XPRNC: and 0.5 stats..4 Frozen379: last game my adc was teemo xddd devor556 XPRNC: xd devor556 left the room. devor556 joined the room. devor556 XPRNC: xd devor556 left the room. Gpilius left the room. Oh, also: I wasn't lying, I had to cry in botlane with teemo who was afk in first few minutes hoping my team will carry me and him, but I was wrong, I just spent 50mins and somehow didn't start flaming, where this lb got very pissed about it even though everything happens in bronze. #JustBronzeThings Oh and serious question, I main support and tried several supports, braum and sona turned out to be best for me as I can spam sonas heal without going oom too fast and save adc with braum almost every time, should I master braum? (if there's even anything to master in this dickhead with massive shield always ruining your day XD) I am currently trying to reform, stop flaming and climb ladder (I DESERVE BRONZE IV!) and also get better all at the same time, this is also why you can see that I can't get any hextech stuff... But that's not the point of this post XD.

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