Chat restriction for 1/6/3

So i was chat restricted LONG time ago because of a game with 3 premades on my team and me being the outsider they gotta pick on me of course but i finally got my honor unlocked like 4 months ago after like an year of playing without typing anything but objectives. Recently been playing with a premade who doesnt really care about wins unlike me i dont see a point in playing otherwise since games not fun, but ive been getting consistent 3+honors per game (including premade) althought i havent had my honor lvl upped from 2 to 3 in 4 months of playing.I decide to not tryhard solo carry a single game and i let my premade adc that game (which was a normal) and i support (vayne-thresh) my premades a bad player so i knew we'd probably do bad but i went with it.Game ended with my jungler feeding and messing up ganks (didnt flame him for either of those) ,mid feeding and flaming jungle/bot and top doing alright 2/2 as gp and also flaming mid jungle and bot. My friend (since he doesnt care) called them names from time to time and flamed jg a bit while i only started talking when 3 of them said id be reported after the game so i mentioned the fact that i was only 0/4 (at the time) and my team was losing so as a support there was nothing to play after (i didnt afk though) and of course i opened opgg ,once they kept on flaming ,to point out the fact that they all had less than 40% winrate one of them being at 22% or something like that.My adc went afk halfway through the game without saying anything to them telling me (we were talking) that he was going out with friends.I on the other hand kept on playing this time trying to satisfy my team going in with them and everyone dying instantly cause enemy was just too fed (i got blamed everytime but didnt say anything).Game ends in a loss my adc dying 8 times and afking me being 1/6/3 an average bad game for a support.I just exit after the game finished opening it next day. 10 game chat restriction, honor locked at 1 again. Heres my problem ive had numerous games with 0/20+ teammates (yes over 20 deaths) in RANKED GAMES and they dont get banned/chat restricted (since it notifies you if a player youve reported has been penalized), that game i was player on the team overall 2.teammate that was afk isnt penalized (played with him next day) 3.I WAS THE LEAST TOXIC ive carried recently so many trash ass %%%%ing players without flaming them and I CANT HAVE ONE %%%%ING BAD GAME WHERE I DONT TRYHARD WITHOUT GETTING PENALIZED?%%%%ing done. I played for an year tryharding,having basically NO FUN and no bad games compared to the average player just so i can get my honor back.And after just 1 not even that bad of a game (last 10 games ive been at an 80% winrate so it wasnt from previous games since i didnt type) i get everything ive worked on for an year lost for just 1 %%%%ing NORMAL game %%%% YOUR SYSTEM. Then go ahead and say ''PLAYS FORTNITE LUL'' atleast you can have fun and try things without getting penalized for it. 1 year sportsmanlike behaviour -nothing,1 bad game?-PENALTY ''LUL''
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