Getting hacked = Getting Banned

OK, i thought i'd bring this to light just to see what the community thinks of my current situation. I haven't been on league for around 1 1/2 month properly, (Ie, i had a couple of games about 3 week ago when i was free) but in total I have probably played 3/4 games since the new year, however it turns out some arse has been using my account to play, not changed the password or anything, just been playing with it seems one purpose in mind (to get me banned) I went to log on to the account yesterday as i had some free time available however it turned out i had been perma-banned for toxicity, where riot attached chat logs showing what I put in game (or what they thought i put) I've looked into it and my emails from league of legends (saying i had a 7 day, then perma-ban) have been going into my spam folder, which like most people i check once every 15 years, Surely theres a way for riot to look into this to see some form of difference from December to now to see that it clearly hasn't been me playing on this account, this is my main which ive used regularly since s3 (I had one before this S1) however wanted to start a fresh one in around 2012 so used this one (which ive probably sank over £200 into). I understand banning is there for a reason which i 100% agree with however banning someone because of the fact i failed to look into my spam folder is a bit harsh dont we think? I will admit back in s5 i did flame a bit (not one of the 'get cancer' kids but when a lane goes 0-6 then starts flaming or just running into them 1v5 to feed it would get annoying, which for you higher elo players is a regular thing around gold elo) however after my first chat restriction (which i still maintain was unfair) I just didn't want to risk it and stopped typing altogether apart from the odd ggwp, gj etc. So guys long story short, I got hacked (not sure when probably around December) My emails went in to my spam folder so i couldn't see them My account got banned by this hacker as i hadnt played league in around 2 month I miss league {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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