I'm kinda new around this thread and I find it surprising how so many people are complaining about their bans claiming they "did nothing" when you can see clear flame. What I find even more distressing is the people who respond to discussions not even related to toxicity and they call out others for being "toxic" over literally nothing. Like for instance, I was talking in one thread about how support tickets should stop using Blitzcrank Bot and someone (not naming names) decided to have a mental breakdown over how Riot is a perfect company and how anyone with a remotely negative or critical opinion is "toxic". I find it a little frustrating when you can't have a nice discussion here without offending someone. This is mostly prominent (but not exclusive to) the radical e-girls or emissarys who just play a "white knight" role and label anything "toxic". I'm not sure but... someone can help me come to an agreement with my point when I say "Aren't people who senselessly deem others toxic all the time, toxic themselves?"
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