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Dear Riot staff As in the title of this email you can already guess what this is about. Now, I hope you don't read this without any attention towards it. To start off, the account I'm talking about is Soulslayer99 a.k.a. SouIsIayer. I am very aware of what I did and how my behavior was towards other players. I am truly sorry for that. The cursing, flaming etc., didn't happen without a reason. I understand that this might not change anything towards unbanning my account or anything. (Although i would very much appreciate that). Just to let you know (and in much hope of eventually retrieving my account back) I cursed and flamed at those players because of a few reasons. I am emotionally unstable for about a month or 3 now. I have a lot of stress at work simply because coworkers and team leaders are actually making a mess out of it. 2nd of all, I had a car accident about a month ago now. Nothing to serious on the part of injuries but I did change a lot. It made me much more cautious on the road and stressed me out even more. 3rd of all, I have a 3 years older sister, who's having major issues with her boyfriend (She's 27). She's getting threatened to death by himself and getting stalked by his friends to see where she's at. At last, i'm trying to pass my exam to get my drivers license (which is extremely hard in Belgium) and I'm having a girlfriend who's not making things any easier for me. So League of Legends has basically been my escape route for a few months now. Obviously only one troll or afk'er, or anyone that messes up your games badly and intentionally, gets your stressed out to the point where you get overcooked if you know what i mean. So that's the main reason why I sometimes couldn't stop myself from cursing, flaming, trying to put them a step back and making them realize they shouldn't be trolling or anything. I should've known it was going to backfire at some point. It's not love that makes you blind, but stress. I'm now here, hoping you can understand me, give me a last chance and perhaps the option or ability to completely remove my chat option but only the pings. Therefore i'm forced to only ping and not rage at those 'innocent' individuals. It would be one of the greatest things at this moment. Also, i highly recommend you suspend the trolls a bit more often. Because they're 95% of the time the reason that people start to rage. Only a little bit of stress from reality can make people rage. I really hope you can understand me/help me out. I loved the game for over 6 years now and still do. I've putted a lot of money in it simply because i was planning on playing the game for at least a few more years. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely Michaël Motheu (Soulslayer99) **NOTE:** This is a complete copy of what I have send to Riot's e-mail. Someone behind that e-mail address asked me to post it here. Thanks in regards.
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