Help, i got banned because i was hacked

Hello, I have been playing league since 2013. I quit for a while and recently picked up the game again. Yesterday i played a few games before i had to go to work. But when my shift was almost over I got an email from riot saying i was permanently banned because i would have used 3rd party software. But i never did this. I checked my match history and there was a game played 4 hours after my last game while I was at work.. I love the game and am proud of my account, I have almost all champs unlocked and a lot of skins, i think I spent nearly 1000 euro on the game so I would never risk it by cheating, besides I hate it when people do. I already contacted riot. But haven't gotten an respons yet. Im really stressed since I just picked up the game again i love to play. Im also not sure what i want to achieve with this board but i just really want my account back. Maybe somebody has experience with this or knows how i can show Riot that is wasn't me who played that game. Maybe something with ip-adresses? I'm not really sure how that works. Anyway i hope you can help me Temmie97 aka martijn temmers
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