The Hell?

Ok, so, a few days ago my account was suspended due to &quot;toxic behavior&quot; for two weeks. Now, my last suspension was back in March. I remember reading somewhere that punishment tiers are rescinded after 3 Months, and since it&#039;s more than 6 months since I was last suspended, I thought I would have atleast dropped to a 25 Match Chat restriction, which is fair enough. I take it up with Riot support, and them being useless, give me some generic bs about how reports work. I refused to let the issue drop, and finally, today I get this in response (From a rioter); &quot;so how can reformed players ever even use the chat without the fear of being perma-banned&quot; &quot;By simply not displaying any kind of negative behavior you will avoid getting banned.&quot; The first qoute was from myself, asking how do reformed players ever use the chat function again without fear that a team of premades takes a dislike to them and reports them, the second was from the supposed &quot;support&quot; who basically decided that pleasantries weren&#039;t getting him anywhere. I&#039;m posting this to show that Riot has probably THE worst support staff I&#039;ve seen, and to warn others not to contact them and to pretty much boycott this shit. EDIT: Ok, so after just ignoring my first ticket, I sent a second. I got a response basically saying that it wasn't the flame that did it, but rather "The severity of my language" that constituted a 2 Week Suspension, but most of their examples are from March. Here are the chatlogs to the 2 games I played with trolls that lead to my suspension, with a 3rd from March. Game 1 ABeautifulDuwang: You should be, since you have Thunderlord's. ABeautifulDuwang: Im farming ABeautifulDuwang: Shut up. ABeautifulDuwang: I have barely any mana ABeautifulDuwang: Nice wards. ABeautifulDuwang: You picked a support dude, play a support, not a mage. ABeautifulDuwang: I HAVE NO MANA AND IM FARMING ABeautifulDuwang: gj ABeautifulDuwang: Dude, I dunno if you know how to play ADC, but you farm alot, and get better items, then you start getting kills ABeautifulDuwang: gj ABeautifulDuwang: Anivia, why? ABeautifulDuwang: Morgana, reported. ABeautifulDuwang: Anivia, reported. ABeautifulDuwang: Both muted. ABeautifulDuwang: Guys, please report Anivia and Morgana, they're trolling ABeautifulDuwang: She's trolling ABeautifulDuwang: She's following me because she's shit ABeautifulDuwang: Anivia, really dude? ABeautifulDuwang: Following me? ABeautifulDuwang: Are you that childish? ABeautifulDuwang: Expect 3 reports ABeautifulDuwang: Guys, report Anivia, yeah? ABeautifulDuwang: I get that your bad and have severe mental issues, but cmon ABeautifulDuwang: Mhm ABeautifulDuwang: Is Trist afk? ABeautifulDuwang: NVM ABeautifulDuwang: Teemo, stop soloing. ABeautifulDuwang: Group ABeautifulDuwang: Group up ABeautifulDuwang: Just report this troll team. Teemo's afk ABeautifulDuwang: And Anivia's throwing ABeautifulDuwang: gj ABeautifulDuwang: Tell your asshole friend to stop too, Morg ABeautifulDuwang: Sure. ABeautifulDuwang: Jarvan, you're the only good guy in this team ABeautifulDuwang: Funny. You're 4v5 and you still having trouble. ABeautifulDuwang: Reported you, Teemo and Anivia. ABeautifulDuwang: For flame. ABeautifulDuwang: I have a %%%%ing idiot following me ABeautifulDuwang: And you havent done shit, Morg ABeautifulDuwang: Report Anivia, Morg and Teemo please. ABeautifulDuwang: Teemo for afk, Morg for flame and Anivia for trolling. ABeautifulDuwang: She's following me, putting up walls when I recall or in teamfights ABeautifulDuwang: Im reporting you for flame, because you're toxic. ABeautifulDuwang: You called me an idiot for farming ABeautifulDuwang: Can you report these children, please? ABeautifulDuwang: THATS HOW YOU PLAY ADC, YOU IDIOT ABeautifulDuwang: I NEED FARM TO GET ITEMS TO GET KILLS Game 2 ABeautifulDuwang: Just hit your Q's and your ult, and you'll be grand ABeautifulDuwang: Help? ABeautifulDuwang: GANK THE PLANK ABeautifulDuwang: Ty ABeautifulDuwang: %%%% ABeautifulDuwang: I FORGOT MY KNIFE ABeautifulDuwang: gj ABeautifulDuwang: It heals over time ABeautifulDuwang: TO A DU-DU-DU-DU-DU DUEL ABeautifulDuwang: Nnah, he's hugging tower pretty hard ABeautifulDuwang: GOTY ABeautifulDuwang: Yas, watch out. ABeautifulDuwang: Why'd you stay... ABeautifulDuwang: He's good, if you're good with him ABeautifulDuwang: Wow. ABeautifulDuwang: IM DOING SHIT ABeautifulDuwang: I CANT DO SHIT DUDE. ABeautifulDuwang: %%%% this, afk farm ABeautifulDuwang: Yas, reported. ABeautifulDuwang: Now you're not getting a gank ABeautifulDuwang: Like, ever ABeautifulDuwang: THE Z GOD ABeautifulDuwang: Because you're being a %%%% ABeautifulDuwang: If you're gonna be a %%%% about it, expect no ganks. ABeautifulDuwang: Thanks yas. ABeautifulDuwang: You were next to me. ABeautifulDuwang: I couldve farted and you'd have smelt it. ABeautifulDuwang: You did it to me. ABeautifulDuwang: Dont be mad, it's normals. ABeautifulDuwang: And you didnt move to me. You attemped to steal my buff. ABeautifulDuwang: AY B0SS ABeautifulDuwang: CAN I HAB DE PU$$Y B0SS ABeautifulDuwang: Pls ABeautifulDuwang: Lemme smaaaaash ABeautifulDuwang: Ill af. ABeautifulDuwang: Licenced to Ill. ABeautifulDuwang: Nice roam by the way, Bronzie. ABeautifulDuwang: Weed, 3-5 ABeautifulDuwang: Me, 6-6 ABeautifulDuwang: DATTEBAYO ABeautifulDuwang: GONINJAGONINJAGO ABeautifulDuwang: Thats what happens ABeautifulDuwang: ye ABeautifulDuwang: Tthat was my b ABeautifulDuwang: I shouldve focusd ashe ABeautifulDuwang: He is. ABeautifulDuwang: Like yas. ABeautifulDuwang: Well, not OUR yas ABeautifulDuwang: 4-6 ABeautifulDuwang: yes, he is. ABeautifulDuwang: Nice, guys premade? ABeautifulDuwang: "good" ABeautifulDuwang: <3 ABeautifulDuwang: Thanks chaps<3 ABeautifulDuwang: How many ults? ABeautifulDuwang: Dont hate the team, hate the player. ABeautifulDuwang: And there you have why Yas players are %%%%s. ABeautifulDuwang: Yeah, he is. ABeautifulDuwang: Look at my score, dude. ABeautifulDuwang: IM SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU ABeautifulDuwang: 10-8 ABeautifulDuwang: 15-13 ABeautifulDuwang: As are you, Yas ABeautifulDuwang: Thanks :D ABeautifulDuwang: Maybe if you werent such a %%%%, we'd have won :D ABeautifulDuwang: Solo more :D ABeautifulDuwang: He's talking about me, typing ABeautifulDuwang: He's a cuck xD ABeautifulDuwang: Group up and wend this shit ABeautifulDuwang: You flamed ME ABeautifulDuwang: No, you told them to report me for leaving you. Then you left me to die. ABeautifulDuwang: Just report Yas. ABeautifulDuwang: Reported Yas. He's gonna lose this for us. ABeautifulDuwang: Because he's soloing ABeautifulDuwang: We cant SOLO ABeautifulDuwang: Group up and we have them ABeautifulDuwang: Then reported. ABeautifulDuwang: Im asking you to be a %%%%ing grown up ABeautifulDuwang: 4 reports. ABeautifulDuwang: No, yeah. Really ABeautifulDuwang: ggwp And Game 3, from March ABeautifulDuwang: NICE ABeautifulDuwang: Lee, gank, please ABeautifulDuwang: LEE ABeautifulDuwang: GANK ABeautifulDuwang: NOW ABeautifulDuwang: How about you help earlier ._. ABeautifulDuwang: %%%% SAKE ABeautifulDuwang: Thanks lee. ABeautifulDuwang: I asked twice ABeautifulDuwang: He ganked your lane and you won ABeautifulDuwang: Bot was being owned while you two touched %%%%s in mid ABeautifulDuwang: Whatever dude, its too late ABeautifulDuwang: Asking for a gank isnt flaming ABeautifulDuwang: And there goes the game ABeautifulDuwang: Thanks lee. ABeautifulDuwang: Says the feeding Cho who needs babysat to do damage ABeautifulDuwang: Yeah, flaming the team. Asking for a gank isnt flaming dude. ABeautifulDuwang: Calling me bad IS flaming, so please report Cho for flame ABeautifulDuwang: "STEAL YOUR CS" DUDE, YOU WERE AFK UNDER TOWER ABeautifulDuwang: Wow, you're either stupid as hell, or trolling ABeautifulDuwang: kbye ABeautifulDuwang: Nah ABeautifulDuwang: Like our mid too ABeautifulDuwang: LOL ABeautifulDuwang: Cho, stfu dude. ABeautifulDuwang: Cho thinks he knows what he's talking about, but doesnt use ult to farm ABeautifulDuwang: Nice ks
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