Okay RITO , please explain me this okay , I get banned two times so far for being salty , the first time was indeed my foult but in the secound instance the players i was playing with were throwing out some really nasty insults my way and so naturally I insulted them back and reported them , now what you decide to do is ban me , WHY?! I don`t get this system all you do is pick on players you want to ban while the others just get away with it. I've played league for over a year now and i have seen some really salty people and reported them and I think 1% were actually followed up by . I am honestly considering giving up this game , you never get any explanation for anything . Might as well go play Dotta at least they do not ban you on every instance. Also I hope this post doesn't get removed too like my other two, I think RITO rly doesn't like bad reviews on their boards.
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