Using Macro - Isn't This Cheating?

I was looking at youtube videos yesterday as I just got a new keyboard and wanted to know how to set it up, so that the media keys could work with youtube instead of another media player. As I was watching this video, I scrolled down to look at the comments. I just so happened to come across a comment at the top asking** "how do I set up a macro on the keyboard, so I can do the Rengar 1 shot?"** I have heard of people doing this before and have mentioned it on the boards previously, to see if it was possible for people to do this, but the feedback I got suggested that it wasn't possible. Yet, the way this person worded his comment seems to suggest that he knows it is possible, but just doesn't know how to do it on their specific keyboard. **Surely this is cheating and something should be done to stop this right?** I have experienced this Rengar "one shot" lots of times before and have been killed in 0.56 secs. Granted, I do play squishy champs a lot of the time, but still that seems a bit strong does it not? I understand if the Rengar is fed to high heaven, but if the player is able to do this because of the whole "macro" technique? Surely, Riot should do something to his kit or find a way so that people are unable to do this with him. I would post a link to the video for evidence, but I can't find the video again. :/
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