"stop feeding please" is not acceptable behaviour and here's why

This is not a crying thread.I'm trying to be helpfull and make a better community. So just because you say it in a calm "voice" inside of your head and stick "please" at the end of it doesnt make it polite in any way. "Stop" is perceived as an aggresive command, who made you the team captain to tell others what to do? Just because you see a score 0/2 or 0/3 at the first 10 minutes of the game doesnt mean someone is "feeding". Stop judging by numbers or if you do, dont look at kills and deaths. This guy might have 0/3/3 and 20 more cs than the opponent. his overall farm is the same. Or he might have a similar strategy(doubt it though) to wildturtle who had udyr top 0/15 some seasons ago, and he was worth less than a creep. His damage output and pushing threat won the game undercover. There is more to it, though.Breaking points and psychology. Lets say 2 champions are equall in a lane and someone gets a kill. This results to more experience and hitting level 6 earlier.At level 6 he has 1 powerfull spell that some people dont really expect thus resulting in another kill. When the losing-so-far champion hits level 6 he sorta thinks he can now duel the 2/0 enemy resulting in a 3rd death. After this point he needs constant help to recover.And if he keeps getting killed he should not get any kills cause he is worth 300g again. So next time you tell at someone to stop feeding, consider again because you can totally ruin this player's mood.
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