The implications of the misuse of the "missing enemy" ping, and a solution.

After a two year break from League, a lot has changed in the game. Notably, the unconventional means players resort to when expressing their feelings. I remember when the different pings were implemented in the game; at first, I thought it was the best thing ever. But now I see that what first started as a brilliant idea, has turned into a tool to express hatred towards fellow teammates. The root of the problem is the meaning we attach to the question mark sign, and its connection to the word "What". Initially, Riot has planned to use this symbol as a means to express doubt, as in: "Where is the enemy?" or "Where could the enemy be?". But as I have mentioned before, the question mark has a stronger connection to the word, "What", instead of "Where". Now, add the noise produced when pigging and the striking orange colour of the question mark; a new layer of meaning is attached to the question mark, it now has turned into an 'energetic' "?". A "?!" if you will. "?!" has an ambiguous use, it can either represent a feeling of surprise or indignation. Given the spamming of the ping, the phrase becomes "?!?!?!" or "??????", in words, this can be translated into the expletive sentence "What the **** was that". Given the nature of the question mark, and considering this to be the root cause of the problem. I strongly suggest Riot to remove the question mark and introduce a new symbol, such an empty square, to represent the missing of something. This would allow players to still convey the original message that the enemy is missing while making impossible for players to express indignation. What are your thoughts on this problem, and how would you go about solving it?
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