What the hell is wrong with all the junglers suddenly?

Did ganking become some incredibly dirty word that even thinking about it will damn you and your family to hell? And it's not even the sated devourer that is causing this. Like what is this? 3 games in a row I've seen a jungler with 0 impact on the game AT ALL. Absolutely 0. No objectives, no ganks, no nothing. They even manage to be behind the enemy junglers in levels and items, even though they don't farm the jungle 24/7. Why the hell do people pick jungle, if they don't understand the role. Jungle is EASILY the most important role in this game. No mid laner will get fed, if they are getting camped. No Vayne will get fed if every act of aggression is met by a 2v3 encounter. No toplaner will teleport gank bot if they are 50 cs and 3 levels down thanks to jungler pressure. STOP PICKING JUNGLE IF YOU DON'T GANK! Also, just because your lane is pushed, doesn't mean it's ungankable. I've been ganked a thousand times even when farming under tower. Seriously, learn the role you pick. Jesus.

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