Toxic players are usefull

So i am new to the game and as my username suggests i am a father. I picked this game up because i have nephews that play the game and i understand that the gaming culture will only grow as the years pass by. I am no stranger to games in general i just prefer single player games or turnbased multiplayer games. My nephews talk about how other players are toxic in this game more than any other game that is currently played, and i wanted to understand why + i kinda just wanted to be able to play with them from time to time (my offspring is only a fresh spawn you see) Thing is that ive played about 100 games now, and every game someone is not just bantering or wenting frustration, they are **provoking** people in order to get a responce, and thats just shitty parenting. Look, getting frustrated and telling someone to fuck off because they did something dumb in a compeditive game is fine, its a natural responce. and ive gotten my fair share of people telling me just how bad i am, and thats perfectly fine. and on the other side of it, some people cant handle the criticism and they have to defend their honor, and thats fine as well. Like yeah the optimal thing is to own your misstake and not point out other peoples misstakes, but we are only human and these are natural responces. But it does not end there, people are **provoking** other people, not just in chat, they are doing things in game that sets the other teammate off balance, trying to make them frustrated on purpose. Here is were the parent(s) has failed. Because if you have a kid, that has a intrest in something then you better make damn sure that you are there supporting your child. Its our job as parents to make sure that our kinds behave no matter the enviroment, to teach that its OK to get mad and its OK to get frustrated but ALWAYS show kindness and understanding to other people. So when i see you in game, when you are just trying to make people angry just so you can have attention that you are obviusly not getting at home. I will thank you, because your shitty parents shows me how NOT to raise my child
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