League Of Legends is starting to feel like a repetitive cynical cycle of unfun.

When you play a game (normal draft or ranked), it's just not wise to not mute people. Just now I had a game where i played ezreal and had a karma support and were relatively stalemate until we went for an agressive move and popped ashe's summoner. Which is a good result. We pop her summoner and that would mean that the next time, we'll kill her for sure. But karma went for the finishing blow even though ashe was LVL 6. Ashe ulted her and she died. After that leona came back into lane, used ult, E, Q exhaust with ashe just using auto attacks which finished me of. Shee starts to type how unagressive i was and how frustrating that is. Considering how she made a horrible decision which resulted in my death aswell, I respond that she is just deflecting her anger towards me. That answer resulted in her trying to get every minion and denying me cs. That just completely drains your motivation to try and practice and have a good game. I have a salty karma who's now ruining my game experience simply because i didn't take her ignorant comment and defended my own decision. And then rammus joins the blame game when my team starts to fight in the jungle with no vision and get killed over and over. Do note that every lane was losing so fighting at this point is unwise. I simply wanted to farm up and get my iceborn gauntlet and THEN start to fight. Because i didn't fight, Rammus blamed me and wanted me to get reported. Which again, is something that keep shappening when you don't agree or do exactly what someone in this community wants: you get flamed and threatened to get reported. There's no actual way i'll get banned but it still SO FRUSTRATING that it all began with Karma's dumb play. And yes! I can already see the obvious answer coming : Just ignore all! I've done that but it really alienates you and the team your playing against. It's not fun at all and it feels very unsocial for a game that is supposed to be VERY social. So my choices are: 1. Mute so that i can focus on my own gameplay but i won't be able to bond with my teammates in a normal draft. 2. Risk getting flamed for no reason simply so you can have good moments here and there. It's a sad thing that LoL is a game where you get flamed for just defending yourself. Where you play with children and teenagers who for some reason have to "teach" you a lesson and completely demotivate you simply because they are too immature to admit they made a mistake. To have a good experiencce, you have to alienate yourself and avoid any type of comradery or fun with your fellow teammates. And that's just sad.
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