ban 14 days (unfair imo)

yeah.. i got 75 games chat restrict that i played off with no flaming (was my first chat restrict in 4 years of playing which i deserved), but this was not deserved imo. top even started to go with me in jungle and tried to steal creeps... Normal game: They started to flame me first and through all game(nub jungler never gank etc.. i had like 16/3 at end (i know it doesn't matter)) blaming me for their death)and you can't see their chat, that's not good at all, What you guys think was this really that much toxic behavior : ? uhh.... what Am i supposed to do when someone starts flaming me? not type in chat? ignore everyone? and get reported for not communicating with team? ( yes i know there is an option to got 5 man premade....) any suggestions? And am I even allowed to discuss this on forums?

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