My recent game

My last game was so funny, lmao. This zac said like in the first minutes /all report my team please noobs. At 5 mins he said 'surrender'. (They had 2 kills) When he couldn't win his lane and clearly got mad at us, he said at 7 mins 'all mid'. I was playing mid so zac went mid too and just left his lane. He kept saying 'noob team, i report you all,' and that kinda stuff. - He died 15 times and i did 6..- Then our Lee Sin began to call me noob too, while he died 18 times and I did 7. '/all report my team please, they're all noobs' he said. Normally i'm getting quite frustrated but this game made me laugh so hard. So, shoutout to this Zac and Lee Sin, thank you for making my day. Just don't do it again to other players cause you will get flamed so bad. :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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