How to keep positive?

I'm trying to learn ADC but never been amazing at cs but i'll keep playing but how do people keep positive?, Most of my games have been toxic as hell and someone died 18 times in 1 game and then that person started to flame me for playing good... What.... 17/5/17 and that guy 16/18/14 then he starts flaming me for doing my job, I now understand, When you flame someone it puts them down and makes them play worse, I focus on my own gameplay than others but i'm finding it hard to do so, All i do is lose. Is dying that much reportable?, Come on, Dying 18 times is ridiculous and my last game my jungler was toxic as crap aswell, When i do play really well i still lose, Having over 300 farm is amazing for me, I'v never ever died 18 times when playing LOL, Why is this person in my game, how is this my "Skill level"....

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