got banned, what do you guys think

Game 1 Brookerras: we scale harder and they have an early game jungler Brookerras: if we just play passive farm and dont die early its good game Brookerras: wow that dmg ok Brookerras: does my wall block his ult???? Brookerras: ty Brookerras: what can i even do about that? what the %%%% Brookerras: i havent had a gank mid yet either Brookerras: ff it, we dont have a jungler Brookerras: its done Brookerras: he doesnt come mid until theyve killed me and taken a tower makes 0 sence Brookerras: 0 on 8? Brookerras: ive died 3 times Brookerras: twice bc of you Brookerras: yh we got drag for it Brookerras: look Brookerras: im legit being killed under tower while 3 of my team sits in wraiths bush???? Brookerras: this is a joke Brookerras: ok Brookerras: they dive me Brookerras: WHY IS HECARIM Brookerras: DOING BLUE Brookerras: WHEN THEY ARE PUSHING Brookerras: MID Brookerras: TOWER Brookerras: PLEASE Brookerras: TELL ME Brookerras: I CANT CLEAR ON MY OWN VS THEIR TEAM, OUR JUNGLER IS FARMING WHILE THEY ARE PUSHING TOWERS Brookerras: AND YOU BLAME ME FOR INTING? Brookerras: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU Brookerras: report this hecarim, you saw that right kha? hes doing it on purpose Brookerras: i have a jungle who actively refuses to help me, he ran past me as i 1v1 your kha.. Brookerras: its free game for you Brookerras: yh i lost lane Brookerras: im not blaming the jungler Brookerras: im asking you to report him because hes actively trolling me in game Brookerras: walking past me and letting me die Brookerras: do you not see the difference? Brookerras: surely kha you would back me up here, you literally saw that right? Brookerras: i dont care how bad people are, but this jungler is actively trolling Brookerras: whats the point in playing Brookerras: pls pls i beg you report this heca Game 2 Brookerras: decent leash pls took w on accident Brookerras: lmao Brookerras: yh will rish mobility 6 and camp probably Brookerras: hard leash pls Brookerras: ty Brookerras: lmao that dive Brookerras: op Brookerras: reset your auto with w darius Brookerras: youll get more stacks to do dmg with r Brookerras: 0 wards mid lets them just camp my jungle btw fizz Brookerras: ye Brookerras: well darius got caught Brookerras: so Brookerras: tried to take baron man Brookerras: was a risk worth taking Brookerras: you guys do nothing Brookerras: so sick Brookerras: free inhib Brookerras: gg Brookerras: its done Brookerras: theres a ryze taking our base Brookerras: and people are still bot Brookerras: man i did a good job as jungler Brookerras: i was 3-0-2 Brookerras: i died because you guys fail every single engage Brookerras: ok Brookerras: ff it then Brookerras: its done Brookerras: i suck hard Brookerras: its not like our top laner or mid laner have failed hard Brookerras: or anything Brookerras: blame me all you want if this mid laner and top laner knew how to fight it would have been won lmao Game 3 Brookerras: wp Brookerras: ;) Brookerras: 0 wards Brookerras: so skarner can just out jungle me Brookerras: ok ^^ Brookerras: WARD THEN Brookerras: you whine at me to gank Brookerras: but you have no wards Brookerras: ryze can you handle top? mid and bot easier to snowball like Brookerras: what is ori doing rn tho Brookerras: like wtf Brookerras: yh its obvious bait but we have no wards Brookerras: so Brookerras: this game was lost ages ago, 0 wards, ryze sucks, ori missplays her abilities Brookerras: its done Brookerras: go next pls Brookerras: sure Brookerras: nope Brookerras: dont play mid again ori, also ryze top sucks Brookerras: 0 tanks yeah im negative, and yes i broke the rules and got banned, there wasn't one game where the people i was negative too didn't deserve it, the final game that got me banned was a game where i was reported for "crying" after our jungler would come "gank" only to bait me to die on purpose while laughing emoting in my lane while their team killed me, this game is getting kind of ridiculous, and the current banning system is broken as %%%%, you get reported for doing anything that isn't playing at a high level and a bot looks through your chat history checking for any red flags with 0 thought as to the circumstances of the actual game, im sorry for being negative in 40 minute drawn out matches that were destined to lose due to trollers, and yes this is the correct way of using the word "trollers" im not referring to bad players im referring to people who actually sabotage the game intentionally, something that half of the community of this game doesn't seem to know the difference between. also, can someone please explain to me in those chat logs what i actually did wrong to deserve a ban? if pointing out peoples mistakes so they can stop doing those things in game (which btw could lead to us winning???) is something i should be banned for then what is the chat actually for?
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