I'm very sorry that I was a very toxic player and I apologize to Riot games and the LoL community.

I started playing this game at the end of season 5 but I knew about it since the very beginning, I always thought that being toxic and flaming people was the "cool thing to do" I did it and it got worse and worse, now after being permanently banned for 6 months I realized that everything I have done was a horrible mistake and it was immature, I regret all of it and I wish I could go back but I know there is no way of getting my account back now. It's sad that after 2 years of effort and money spent I lose it all but I guess there's nothing to do now, so I came here and I apologize to everyone I was toxic to, if you are a toxic player keep it in mind that being permanently banned is not worth it. Reform and keep your account, it has all the memories from the moment you started and had no idea how to play till you became a good player, everyone you met, the pentakills, the win/lose streaks, everytime someone said "OH SHIT YOU'RE A GOD" when you made a huge play. Losing all of that is not worth being toxic for. It doesn't feel the same on a new account and after 6 months I realized I'm never getting my account back so I came here and I admitted my mistakes and apologized before I go. If you got chat restricted or banned for 14 days then take a moment and think about everything you worked for before you lose it, it's too late for me, not for you though. I swear on everything that I'm not doing this to get an unban or anything of the sort, I have said every word from my heart hopefully some people won't make the same mistakes. Sorry my English is not great, merry christmas and goodbye friends.
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