To the people who flame for not pinging missing.

I'm not sure if you're just mad, or plain stupid. You're playing with human beings, sometimes if we're concentrating we're going to miss pings. WARD, BUY WARDS WARD AND WARD AGAIN, if someone from our lane killed you its because YOU wasnt paying attention to the map and YOU didnt have the correct ward or lane position. Your arguement consists of 'oh but i need to rely on my teammates for pings so i can be aware' No, shut your mouth. You can look at your map and see there is 1 missing from botlane right away at any time at which you make a mental note and ping it yourself. It is NEVER anyones falut that you died, you died because of your own macroplay, you took risks you shouldnt have, you acted on a bad engage, you wasnt watching your map so you over extended, you overstayed we are not controlling your keyboards STOP BEING DELUSIONAL. My english is not the best but i am learning so please be gentle with my punctuation.

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