The game needs a new "punishment"

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**Please value that I may be here to complain, but unlike many others, I present ideas for changes and Im eager to make the game better for everyone!** Every player should give just as much hard work towards victory as every other teammate. Yet, there are players that are constantly getting away and even climbing with soft-inting and terrible performances. A matchmaking that counts only the outcome of the game (current matchmaking) is a terrible system, and allowes players like the one presented on the pic, to climb and reach ranks that they are not even close to when it comes to performance. Still, its not something to punish. These players are trying their best, which would be enough in games a few hundred MMRs lower, but they are just too high up on the ranked ladder. The winrate of such players is just depending on pure luck of whether they just lose single-handedly or get carried by some smurf passing by. Performance should be a deciding factor, but if we just leave it as it is now, we need a new element to matchmaking, which would be: Instant/Forced Demotion Such players, that have terrible performances, and probably get reported for inting in every single game they lost should get something instead of an actual punishment. If the system made the mistake of palcing them to hight, it should take care of taking them back where they beling according to their performance. Just simply demote them to few divisons lower, or maybe one whole Rank lower if they had decent amount of "Feeder" reports and terrible, _terrible_ end game statistics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If we can get these flaws out of the system, we would have less unfair or undeserved losses and victories. The part of human behaviour in the matchmaking system is not calculable, no one can predict if someone's gonna lose it and run it down, or leave due to life issues, but when a player has a calculable behaviour pattern of **terrible** (i cant stress it enough) performances, we should take those in count, and prevent any further problems.
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