this community needs to change

I've been playing this game for 4 years now and right now the community is as bad as it get and I don't know if it can get any worse ! I love the game and I enjoyed it but right now , I cant enjoy playing it anymore not even with friends ! people now became more toxic than ever and almost everyone is a tryhard now , tryharding in ranked games is something that you must do because you want to see how much you can climb and what is your skill level but most importantly that is your team is counting on you but right know am talking about normal games , for the casual players like me ... right now normal games doent feel like normal games anymore it is almost like playing ranked everyone is a tryhard and wants to win and will go ape shit crazy if someone in their team mess up don't get me wrong , its normal that you want to win , no one likes losing but when it comes to normal games if you lose you don't lose anything , not even your precious time like some people might say because you gain experience so you can preform better next time , and if you really think that you are wasting your time if you lose then a suggest that you go do something else then , people just cant understand that this is just a **GAME** wither you like it or not the sole purpose of this game and any other game is that you as a player have **FUN** if you cant have that then you should stop ! and before anyone says that they do that cuz losing isn't fun and feels bad . well let me tell you losing feels that way cuz either you let it feels that way or someone else is making you feel bad for it , you cant have fun playing and losing the match it all depends on how you look at it and if you have good team mates and enemies ( in terms of personality and behavior not skill ) this game has become far too competitive for anyone to have fun , now everyone is fighting and struggling over delusions of might and victory or what ever you wanna call it . and I think this has gone on long enough and riot should try to do something to combat this plague , I don't know how but am pretty sure they can figure it out , why should riot care you ask ? : well cuz I believe if this game is ever going to die its going to die because of its community not because of a new fancy game taking the spotlight or because the changes that riot keep doing to the game , because lets face it these changes now matter how big they are we all adapt to it anyway and the complaints stop after a while and then every one forgets it ever happened to go on with this life we need to make a movement to change things to make players aware of the influence they cause in the game , if riot and a reasonable amount of the player base start an awareness campaign to other players then I think this will get solved
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