It's been 9 years, people still haven't learned?

I'm specifically talking about report calling: People calling out for reports regarding - AFKs ( no one in league's history was ever banned for afk, at least after the tribunal was dissolved, afk detection is handled by leaver buster) - banning someone's champion ( it is not against the game rules, if you're the last to pick and you want to play some broken meta champion, or if you have a winrate under 50%, i will ban it anyway, you can go ahead an hate me as much as you want, it is for our team's interest). - refusal to gank ( good luck having someone banned for that xD) - refusal to leash ( again, hate me as much as you want, i will never leash a Kayn red, he's supposed to start raptors, will never leash a Red for Khartus, you're supposed to start blue, as much as you want to think you're special and entitled, you're not). It's been so long and i've never came across the boards noticing anyone getting banned for the things above, and that's mostly because it's not against the game rules, it's only against your own tiny imaginary rules. The only things you can report for, are : - Chat abuse ( negativity, flaming, xenophobia, racism, homophobia) - Intentional feeding ( and here i'm talking about 0/30/0 scores, not just an innocent fella that happens to be 2/15/15
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