Done with ranked.

before I start this is not intended as a qq thread so please don't hate me for this, I'm just here to share my experience. So as the title says, I'm done with ranked, the toxicity is unbelievable, every game I've played so far I've encountered toxics and it's horrible, it is off-putting doesn't make me want to perform well and certainly doesn't make the experience enjoyable. The game is supposed to be fun that's why it is a game. I really don't see why people can't understand this. I know ranked is supposed to be more serious than normals etc. but the way they are now doesn't make them serious, it makes them hellish. Sure I could improve (I know I can) but so could everyone (especially the flamers as they spend more time criticizing others than looking to improve themselves), nobody is perfect after all. I'll probably try again next season when there is more time but for now I'm done. Congrats to those who reached gold or above and haven't flamed a single person all year, you truly are the ones who deserve the rewards. The rewards would have been nice but mine is a case of so near yet so far.

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