how to have fun playing league nowdays

follow the next rules. 1. never ever try hard (that will probably end by you flaming others or raging on trolls). 2. use the chat a lot but only to trigger others (don't be the one getting punished but the one make others get punished, auto system cant determine). 3. pick off rule champs and try out new champs in ranked (people reaction when you they notice is priceless). 4. when you play jungle don't bother farming or ganking just kill steal or look for enemy jger. 5. DO NOT trust your teammates, they will disappoint you. 6. don't focus objectives, its a waste of your time (winning is not your goal). 7. even if you are 1/5/0 doesn't mean you should stand under tower and play DEF you can still try fight your 5/1/0 maybe he will misplay. 8. DO not autofill if you don't wanna play a lane just go another. (lets call it the new roaming). 9. feel free to answer phones, eat, drink and do what ever you want while playing. (your goal is to have fun). 10. if someone on your team wanna pick a champion you don't like ban it. 11. play mini games into the real game (pick rammus or hecarim and run away from enemy at their own jg for example). 12. try making your teammates lose their mind and get banned (their insults sometimes are so funny you shouldn't report but still do). 13. if you made anyone say something like %%% you won the jackpot. 14. win or lose dosent matter but writing "gg ez" or "easy mid" or even "easy carry" does. 15. your champion can laugh or dance for a reason, find the right time and do it. remember your goal is to have fun as long as you do, nothing else matters, if riot does not care you should not care either. *some of you may get anger of this post, some weeks ago I whould have react the same, but I am done following the rules after those trolls did the same manage to get me permanent banned after 2 years of playing.
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