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The Summoner's Code | League of Legends
League of Legends is a team game, and, as such, familiarity and rapport with the other competitors with whom you play is going to be a big part of your success. With that in mind, it would behoove you to adopt a cordial demeanor and attempt to make friends.
"Easy" or "ez" I know it's tempting to say but keep it to yourself cause it's negatively impacting our community... let me tell you why. I've more then once lost a game while thinking "hey, I lost but that was a damn good game, it was challenging but we lost fair and square, gonna honor them cause I want more of that" then my enemy writes "Easy" instead of "GG WP" and I forget my mindset prier to that one word, suddenly I'm angry and I want them to burn at the stake for ruining a good game, cause that's what they just did for me, ruined a great experience by opening their toxic mouth. I lose myself in the moment and report these people, even my friends, I'll even tell them why in hopes of knocking some sense into them, if they refuse to understand my reasoning I'll block them, yes I have no chill when people are rude in my presence, even if they're my friends. Would you want to play a game where everyone find's it acceptable to kick someone when they are down? How many ruined games before you uninstall? I'd really like some guidelines here, the summoners code is apparently to hard to read and "sportsmanlike behavior" is dying, I have no problem with in-game killing someone repeatedly cause it tilts that person, it's a legit strategy, but I'd like it if we kept it to just game features and out of verbal abuse, words have power and they should be wielded like they could both kill or save people, cause that's the thing here, it might be a relatively harmless word, and the game might not have been close at all and in fact it might even have been a "Easy" game, but that doesn't make cruelty acceptable. I have yet to meet someone else who has read the summoners code, and it's a shame cause it's a great guideline for ones conduct in-game... maybe we could get it read aloud or maybe even shown as a video with examples for proper understanding, I really want a game with agreeable people instead of the constant abuse I've been getting as of late with the "easy" trend

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