the report system,and the people who abuse it.

is it just me or do i see the report system being abused more then being used for the better of the game? i had a game a long time ago where a blitz took smite as my supp,took cs,took kills,took the first red buff i leashed for my jungler,and then spamed smite on canon minions and build ad assasin,and never did anything to save me in lane,and at the end of the day i was the one that got banned for "flaming",and the funny thing is that i checked his match history after that game and saw that the rest of his games were all okay,so baisically he didnt get banned even tho 6 people reported him. so accourding to the report system,blitz dosent deserve a ban since he didnt do anything wrong,but i do deserve a ban because flaming is not allowed. like yeah i do understand i deserve the ban for all the terrible things i said to blitz,but blitz fkd the game for us,and at the end of the day he gets away with it like nothing happend. riot do something about this,you cant just sit around looking at the walls ignoring the fact that innocent people are getting stuck with trolls and grifers for a whole 30 mins without a way to escape,and letting people escape with all the trolling they do in game thats is not detected by the report system.fix the fkn report system.
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