Abnormally high death counts with KDA < 1 should automatically be flagged as int feeding

Scores like 0/9/1, 2/10/4, 1/16/9, 7/24/4 etc should be automatically put on the int-feeding watchlist. I&#039;m not saying punish them immediately, but when a player clearly isn&#039;t trying to win and just goes in repeatedly on a toplaner (or midlaner) that is 3 levels ahead while saying in chat &#039;idc first time irelia xDDDD&#039;, or doing braindead 1v3/4/5 engages all the time when there is clearly nobody else around to follow up (hi yasuo), that&#039;s clearly inting, even if they &#039;fight&#039; instead of just standing around by a turret waiting for someone to kill them. Not all inting is the blatantly obvious all-chat spamming teemo jungle with ghost and teleport. But it is still very easy to spot if you know what to look for. Meanwhile say 2 words in chat to them for wasting 35 mins of your time (&#039;stfu %%%%%%&#039; for instance) and you can get your account chat restricted. That is kind of a double standard, but back to my point. Obviously there are exceptions such as a 50+ min game where you are expected to die more often, but in every other case nobody should be dying more than 15 times in a game, like, ever. And 16+ deaths in a game is a sure-fire red flag in EVERY Divison. But I almost never get an instant feedback report verified after reporting someone for inting unless close to all 9 players report. Cmon Riot I know you don&#039;t want make it seem like you&#039;re forcing people to play better but trolls really aren&#039;t that hard to detect. Tighten up your algorithms please.

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