Banned for asking to report ppl insulting me! Ridicolous suspension unitl 14th February

Help me anyone pls! Is that a way to contact Riot about this? I can't find a proper ticket section. This situation is beyond ridiculousness... The sospension is about one single game i've played few moments ago, where i got insulted all the time being called %%%%%% by 2 different players. Because yeah, no matter what, when things gets bad always blame the jungler. Anyway the absurdity is that i never responded to them with insults and i've just muted them and asked in all chat for the report. An enemy player said i was bad and they were right. So i guess i got 3 reports in the end. All i did was typing this phrase: "they called me %%%%%%". That's why i think i got banned. Because the algorythm finds that word typed, that's the only possible logical conclusion that comes to my mind. I think what has happened to me is extremely unfair, so i'm asking here what should i do to get my suspesion removed. Fun fact: i have the feeling that this nice fellows didn't even get punished, if i am the only one who reported them... This system is a failure. Game 1 Skylor93: gj Skylor93: sorry Skylor93: i didnt mean to get you killed Skylor93: you engage Skylor93: b4 i can arrive Skylor93: ok gl solo Skylor93: bye Skylor93: gj Skylor93: more luck Skylor93: report vlad for flame since min 2 Skylor93: pls Skylor93: last time i come help you top Skylor93: muted Skylor93: trhes why flash? Skylor93: report thresh for peronsal insults ty Skylor93: xayah aswell Skylor93: nice eve Skylor93: while someone is typing Skylor93: fairplayer Skylor93: you know im not crying Skylor93: i just hope ppl who heavilty insult you get banned Skylor93: more report = more % Skylor93: since they told me im a %%%%%% Skylor93: it's not a big problem Skylor93: they are gonna be perma banned Skylor93: anyway Skylor93: ^^ Skylor93: pro premade botlane all time pushed Skylor93: and feed Skylor93: gg Skylor93: enjoy perma ban Skylor93: xaya Skylor93: not you Skylor93: you are not the centre of the world y know Skylor93: keep saying that Skylor93: it's gonna be fun to see you perma ban little baby Skylor93: thanks thresh Skylor93: keep calling me %%%%%% Skylor93: enjoy permaban Skylor93: you called me a %%%%%% Skylor93: actually it's pretty heavy Skylor93: and you get perma ban for that Skylor93: trust me ^^ Skylor93: keep going Skylor93: hahaha Skylor93: im so happy you are gonna need to start from the beginning Skylor93: XD sometimes acting "cool" is dumb Skylor93: sure you can Skylor93: for heavy words like that Skylor93: well i got proof about that Skylor93: so good luck mr cool Skylor93: muted sorry Skylor93: gotta play Skylor93: cant chat with you lonely boy Skylor93: get a life ^^ Skylor93: xaya and thresh best cancer players Skylor93: calling ppl %%%%%%s and troll flashing Skylor93: nice community Skylor93: i smell ban Skylor93: hi troll jynx Skylor93: nice joke ^^ Skylor93: sure report me for being a normal player who did his job Skylor93: while getting insulted by 3 little children Skylor93: sorry 4 Skylor93: jynx forgive me i've almost forgot about you <3 Skylor93: im sad you cant get banned Skylor93: i wish it could happen Skylor93: unfortunately our botlane won't be as lucky as you ^^ Skylor93: lol Skylor93: i really hope you play with vlad later Skylor93: bg report flamers ty Skylor93: have a nice day jingx
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