Is the LOL-Community toxic?

Today i was playing Hexakill and basically this Graves one was flaming, nothing new see people flaming often. Then i wrote in the ALL chat: > This is ridiculous sInce there was the enemy veigar which had to stun you and hit you with one ability boom you dead even tho i had over 3000 hp. I was playing jax, for like the second time and i just wanted to have some fun and try out new champions. Wasn't that bad except the enemy team had Veigar and Vayne which are HELL when they hit lvl 6 and are just frustrating to play against. So the Vayne answered with "like your mother, hope she dies" even tho the Enemy team was winning which she was in. Which sucks since my Mum is in the hospital since a week by now. The players seem to get worse, they troll, or get worse on being toxic and other shit. Honestly in **MY opinion** this community is really awful. I play more games then just League, like Overwatch, Blade and Soul, Assassins Creed, Borderlands. I play them multiplayer and i nowhere saw such an bad Community as in League. There may be stuff Like black ops but you can mute the voice chat or play single. You can do that in league too but the enemy team will still act toxic. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}

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