What is the right thing to do in this situation?

I've had the utmost of awful luck today with people I have ended up being teamed with in Solo Queue tonight. I play support main, and after 4 games in a row where I have had the adc rage over the fact they missed one or two minions on the first wave is genuinely beyond frustrating. If an adc tells you to get out of the lane or they will afk and feed (keep in mind this is at level 2), what are you actually supposed to do? If you stay, they will just troll for the rest of the game, and everyone is going to blame you for it. If you go to support another lane and try to push for some early kills and first turret, then they are going to get mad because you're soaking up part of their lane exp of which you will inevitably be blamed the moment something goes wrong for them despite saving them from death several times. There is literally no solution that can solve the problem - so what is actually the right thing to do in these circumstances because it's starting to really p*ss me off frankly having to sit through 40 minutes of petty flaming, harassment and gameplay trolling. Can we just quit those matches and accept the leaver buster or something, because that's those games is not what I play league for - and as for childish pedantics, I have no interest in those either.

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