Toxic player tells my to kill myself. End my life, in real life.

REPOST; apparently calling out toxic people isn't allowed cuz it's nameshaming lol! Fine RIOT, I won't give this poor guy his name away then. All he did was say "kill yourself. end your life, in real life" So I was playing SoloQ... Then there is this adc. He gets ahead early game, gets some kills. Etc. Looks all like a good start... but what ends up happening... the little spoonfed baby his spoon becomes too heavy and accidently drops it, tells his team feeding him gold to go kill themselves and it's all their fault. Lol. Just kidding but this guy is insanely toxic. He gets outplayed: blame team. He flashes into enemy turret and fails to get a kill on enemy support: blames team. He runs into Ahri because "his E is up" (which apparently means he is unkillable), blames me for still having my ignite (I'm support), or runs into a Skarner who outplays him, gets caught, again, my damn ignite was still up! Foolish me. I could've saved him. [redacted by moderator] But, this guy, he constantly yells in chat OMG KASSADIN YOU %%%%ING TRASH after she litterally ints into middle lane stupidly. Constantly saying 'kill yourself' 'end your life', he even did in the after-game lobby, which made me decide to post this guy's behaviour somewhere cuz this is ridiculous._ He even showed a link of him getting a stupid little 10-game chatban to show off how he won't get properly punished._ Like please, as I was playing Karma, give this guy some karma... I wish there was a way to see the in-game chat so I could show how toxic he really was because this "kill yourself, end your life" shit was not even the worst part. Oh, as I was checking his cuz he was calling out kassadin for being a "hard stuck gold", I noticed he was gold himself, and also last year, LOL! And he's also a draven main, what a surprise! :)

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