Is this Summoner Name reportable for being offensive?

So I am a very toxic player, got 1 account banned, and my second one is suspended for 14 days. I am willing to change my mind cause apparently I am addicted to this game and don't want to risk losing any other accounts. So instead of flaming like an ape I am willing to become kinda of a vigilante and report every bad behavior from now on, this is my "revenge" cause I often get reported for flaming back someone who is being very toxic, and by doing that I get reported. By saying this I don't want to dismiss my toxic beahvior, just a quick introduction to what kind of player I am. With my main account I am probably going to just disable chat completely even if I want to keep pings for the bare minimun communication that I need. Now, I was playing with a new smurf, trying to keep it clean, and I get to play against a karthus, also smurf, named **redacted**. Now you will understand that being the kind of player that I am, I got immediately what this dude is trying to do. So I asked my teammates (true newcomers that were very stressed about playing against a much skilled and experienced player than them) to report his name as well. I didn't want to openly say what that name means cause I often read about people getting suspended or banned just for repeating such 0 tolerance words (by now, you will understand I am getting the hang of it), but I believe that nothing changed, and the player still plays and still has that name. Just wanted to report this trying to do something about it cause it doesn't seem fair to me.
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