Anyone else thinking of giving up being the nice guy in games?

After almost a 100 games in low elo, I've honestly never felt so toxic before. I always try to be the good guy and cooperate but when people just start flaming for no reason or just start typing "ggwp" after every death is just tilting. Players who got autofilled and take over your role is also a problem, since you cant really do much other than dodging or filling in. Also people who don't hover their champions in champ select and if you ban their champion (aka every {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} main ever) , what to do when you're in your promos to another division (silver > gold) if they suddenly lock in Disco Nunu and say "I am going to int your lane". I know you can't dodge that game since it counts as a loss and you cant really do anything about it but hope that someone has mercy on your promos and dodges for you. Whoever does that deserves a commendation. Other than that I should just start being toxic, people say you climb faster if you don't take anyone's shit and do what you want. I am very sorry for this rant but I need to get it off my chest since there are a lot of wonderful people you can meet online, but also some of the shittiest people on earth. any thoughts?
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