So basicly i got banned for toxicity. I think that i do deserve some kind of punishment but after investing hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours into the game i don't think that perma ban is a solution. But that is not why im here. 2 months ago i got 2 banned for 2 weeks after 1 bad game in which i was decently toxic but not ban deserving. So i didnt get 10 game chat ban or 25 game chat ban. It instantly skipped to 2 week ban. After my account got unbanned i played on it for around a month and then 1 guy started abusing me first and then i deffended myself, but i got banned for it. When i asked RIOT why was i banned for that game they said that there was also another game for which i got banned. And that game i played a wekk before my perma ban. Now they didnt state that i got banned in for that game that game that i played a week before in their report ticket. Now i want my account to be unbanned because you're ticket was incomplete and you didn't know my side of the story. Game 1 Resentitan: ye Resentitan: hell come Resentitan: myb.. Resentitan: so what? Resentitan: he cant see it Resentitan: ffs Resentitan: lagg exists u know morg Resentitan: stfu Resentitan: morg Resentitan: cant do shit alone ay %%%%%? Resentitan: rep morg super toxic Resentitan: MORGANA Resentitan: YOU %%%%ING %%%%%%ED PEACE OF FLES Resentitan: H Resentitan: YOURE WASTING OXYGEN Resentitan: %%%% Resentitan: OMFG Resentitan: U DESERVE THIS Resentitan: %%%%ING %%%% Resentitan: SPAMING PINGS Resentitan: FLAMING Resentitan: YOU %%%% Resentitan: IDIOTIC SHIT Resentitan: YOUR PARENTS PROBABLY HGATE YOU IDIOT Resentitan: SO WHAT? Resentitan: HES MY FRIEND Resentitan: I DONT PICK FRIENDS FOR THIS GAME Resentitan: I SAID I DONT CARE ABOUT THE SCORE Resentitan: I JUST HATE %%%%TARDS LIKE YOU Resentitan: jesu christ Resentitan: just rep
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