What I should do when I get "TROLL Player" in my team ?? HELP

So been playing LoL for the past 5 years and trolls been everywhere I go but I just had enough the last ranked game I played few minutes ago before writing this there was a troll Anivia in my team in the champ select I'm the jungler, Anivia is the top but this Anivia player decided to take a smite and ruin my game starting by stealing my red buff and then the rest of the camps and kept following me wherever I go and even when I'm recalling this troll player uses the wall to cancel my recall and even used the wall to trap me while I'm getting chased by enemy so the game kept going like that, and I honestly get uncomfortable very fast and I lose all the will to play when there's a feeder or troll, people like these are the reason why LoL is getting a lots of hate. So is there a very effective way that might get the troll a ban or something as punishment cause I know that the normal report after the game is not gonna do anything so is there any other way from the Support to help in this situation ?

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