Dont use Flaming as excuse to Troll and Intentionally feed.. your not better person

Its disgusting how many Total hypocrites are using the excuse of im &#039;&#039;getting&#039;&#039; flamed to start throwing games and intentionally feed. or Refuse to defend bases and let enemy &#039;&#039;end&#039;&#039; game. The flaming could be real or not.. it doesnt matter and never justifies trolling even if its a whole team doing it.. frankly you DONT troll and trolling is never right simple. because Lots of people are making up excuses as to why they can troll and its become fashionable. oh jungler took 1 Wave after ganking your lane.. than they say im frustated and im gonna troll now.. like wtf ? are we going there now as community ? i had a guy litterally decide to troll because someone came ''toplane'' and he wanted to splitpush solo.. this was considered enough grounds to troll.. the rest of the game. he was than told by the Jungler that he was quote ''selfish jerk'' than that toplaner replied.. ''i wont help anyone i wont do anything, because jungler flamed me''.. yes because now he is flamed.. he has the right to 100% throw a game. ive seen this happen many times WE ALL had tough games or people we didnt like.. doesnt mean you need to punish the other 3 Teammates that didnt even say a word to you... Normal human beings just use their mute button and we do it alot.. but these trolls feel like they are special and they dont need to mute.. instead they Troll and intentionally throw games. this is common excuse by DISGUSTING Diva trolls to Justify their actions. NOTHING justifies Trolling not even Flaming. PERIOD. throwing games is as toxic or more toxic than flaming that i can mute and still carry. if your not using your mute and report after game as solution to flaming and instead resort to intentionally losing game and killing yourself over and over.. your BY NO MEANS right or justified or BY any means you are not better than anyone flaming.. your actually worse far far worse disease to this game. Funny part ?? sometimes these trolls dont even get flamed and they ''claim''they were flamed and hence have a GOD given right to decide who will win. Talk about match fixing and casino.. come on riot. this is WAAY worse than flaming problem. flamers can be muted <-- but toxic trolls and win traders cannot be muted <--Get your priorities right riot. riot you need to start Mowing down all these entitled power tripping trolls and really taking down lots of their accounts with more punishements and more awareness campaigns.. stop with the only flaming focus and start cracking down hard on trolls. infact trolls are destroying more games than flamers. they are simply Win trading and spoiling the ranked system.
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